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Desktop Alert is an innovator – one of only two certified providers in the United States to The Department of Defense. Holding coveted DOD certifications for military grade alerting technology – protecting our military, NATO, The Pentagon, educational, industrial and commercial users, DTA is the chosen platform for emergency management continuity at NATO worldwide as well as our nation’s National Guard, Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA – with millions of users protected daily.

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Leadership Training provides for the solutions to train our companies employees

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Corporate Programs provide for the solutions to train our companies employees

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Desktop Alert may be international, but follows the tradition of great New Jersey ‘innoventions’. Conceived in Chatham as a response to the horrific events of 9/11, founder Howard Ryan saw the same cars were parked at the train station, dusty and unmoved for a week, and knew their owners might not ever come back for them. This was the impetus for Desktop Alert. Ryan determined he could change how emergency communications were alerted in future events and could significantly mitigate subsequent emergent events based on the rapid dissemination of actionable intelligence to those in harm’s way. Armed with the desire to see that this would never happen again with such a toll on human lives and collateral damage, Ryan developed DTA to make that a fact instead of a desire.

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We have our special functions are add to a business. We feel that this special functions is part of emergency mass notification solutions for any company.

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